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Main uses of sodium hydroxide

Issuing time:2019-02-28 16:28


Sodium hydroxide plays an important role in paper industry. Because of its alkaline properties, it is used in the process of cooking and bleaching paper.

food industry

Sodium hydroxide can be widely used in the following production processes: container cleaning process; starch processing process; carboxymethyl cellulose preparation process; and sodium glutamate production process.

water treatment

Sodium hydroxide is widely used in water treatment. In sewage treatment plants, sodium hydroxide can reduce the hardness of water by neutralization reaction. In the industrial field, it is the regenerant of ion exchange resin regeneration. Sodium hydroxide has strong alkalinity and high solubility in water. Because caustic soda is liquid, it is easy to measure the amount of caustic soda used in various fields of water treatment. Sodium hydroxide is used in water treatment as follows: eliminating the hardness of water; adjusting the pH value of water; neutralizing wastewater; regenerating ion exchange resin; eliminating heavy metal ions in water by precipitation.

Man-made fibers and textiles

In the textile industry, sodium hydroxide is used for the final treatment and dyeing of fibers. Main uses: mercerizing artificial fibers


Sodium hydroxide is used to treat bauxite. It contains alumina in bauxite. Aluminum metal exists in alumina. Aluminum is the second most used metal in the world. Sodium hydroxide is also used to produce zinc alloys and ingots.

Washing supplies

Sodium hydroxide has been used for traditional life. Until today, the demand for caustic soda from soap, soap and other washing products still accounts for about 15% of the total demand for caustic soda.

Soap: Soap making is an ancient and widespread use of caustic soda. In the process of making soap, caustic soda is used to neutralize fatty acids.

Detergent: Sodium hydroxide is used to produce various detergents. Even today's laundry powder is made from a large amount of caustic soda, which is used to neutralize excess fuming sulfuric acid after sulfurization.

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